Why Give InKind?

Life changes quickly, and we all need support in different ways. Whether you need meal drop-offs for a family with a new baby, rides to the doctor for a sick friend and want to share a wishlist for a child in the hospital, you can do it all on Give InKind.

Add meals and help to your
calendar - as many as you need

Automatic email reminders
the day before

Connect your GoFundMe or
PayPal with no additional fees

Connect your Amazon
wishlist or build your own

Add additional organizers
to help coordinate support

Share preferences for visitors,
flowers and phone calls


How it works

Create a page

1. Create a Page

For yourself or someone else.
Customize your calendar, wishlist and donations.

Share with friends

2. Share with friends and family

Answers the question ‘how can I help?’
Spread the word with details in one place.

Receive help

3. Receive the help that’s needed

Friends and family can send meals, help or wishlist items from anywhere.

icon calendar

Care Calendar

Schedule meals and help for others to claim and give

example calendar CREATE A PAGE
icon wishlist


What would be most helpful? Add gift cards and other items to your Wishlist, or connect an Amazon Wishlist.

example wishlist
icon fundraising


Connect your GoFundMe or PayPal
fundraisers (we don't add any fees)


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Find personal stories, expert contributions, giving guides, recipes and more, all ready to help supporters with ideas for helping and comforting.

Ready to get started?

Set up a page for yourself or someone else today. Your supporters are ready to help - let them know how.