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About Love and Support for Tristan and Allison, as they settle in with Baby B!

Tristan and Allison will be heading home with baby B, hopefully tomorrow! This has been a whirlwind delivery and mommy and daddy are both excited and exhausted! With so many family and friends far away, I just really wanted to find a way to help them in some small way, to take some of the mundane tasks off their very full plates, like cooking and grocery shopping.  So, this is a way to send Uber eats or whatever to their home and drop off some goodies for them. I hope you will feel compelled to send a special something to make their transition home smoother! 

Special Notes: 

They appreciate everything! Seriously, they are the sweetest people and I had to convince them to allow me to do this. The only things Tristan shut me down on are fish and fish. Oh, and fish. 🤢 So, no fish, please.