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About Support for the Murray Family

Many of us want to help Domenica and her family, so we've started this site to help organize meals and other help, like rides or child care. Check back for updates once we get to know more about food aversions, preferences, and upcoming schedules. Thanks!

Special Notes: 

We are eating lots of fresh fruits & vegetables and whole grains, beans, lean dairy and chicken.  Chicken and turkey are the only meats I eat - no red meat, pork or seafood and no spicy foods.  The kids like typical "kid" foods but Connor is more adventurous and we're working on Ellie 😉.  Tim eats pretty much anything 😊.   I'm starting chemo on Monday 4/29 and because of that I will have to be very careful with exposure to sickness so please keep that in mind.  Thank you all - your support means so much to us! ❤️