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About Love for Elly

Hi Friends, As many of you already know, this past Fall, Elly was diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem tumor. Due to its location, a biopsy is not possible to determine precisely what type of tumor it is, but her Mayo Clinic doctors believe it is an Astrocytoma. She has completed a six week course of radiation treatment, followed with chemotherapy. Her last scan put her on the terminal list with weeks left to live, but miraculously the tumor has stopped its growth in her Medulla for now and Elly has been taken off of the terminal list!!! She is remaining hopeful, and in good spirits. As it goes, the medical bills are piling up and although Elly and Seth are fortunate to have medical insurance, coverage is minimal and there are many remaining bills and expenses left to pay. Elly was in her final year of law school at DePaul and so determined to graduate this May, unfortunately she had to make the difficult decision to withdraw putting her dreams on hold to fight this cancer. She wishes she had more time to individually respond to every loved one who has reached out to her with positivity and well wishes but is resting, spending her days with her husband and family. She is forever thankful to have each and every one of you in her life. Let’s all help The Goettlemans to ease the stresses of this financial burden. Your donations will be going directly to Elly and Seth. Every little bit helps. Details below on how you can help by dropping off a meal for Elly and Seth. Feel free to share a funny story or memory you have of Elly that will no doubt put a smile on her beautiful face. Here’s to never giving up! We love you Elly.  Donate by clicking the PayPal button to the right or by copying and pasting this direct link:  

Special Notes: 

Bringing a meal is a great way to help out Elly and Seth right now. See below to sign up for a night. Homemade or takeout works, you can even get it delivered to them. Please note Seth eats meat, but Elly is a vegetarian and also loves fish. Elly is allergic to cumin.