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About Love for the Autry Family

Kindness, love, and support for Terri lynn, Jax and Parker as the mourn the loss of their unborn child. If you know me well, you know that asking for and accepting help is not my strong suit. Knowing we still have a long and uncertain road ahead, I am trying to find a tangible way for those wanting to help. I will be taking some time off work in May to manage my physical and emotional well-being. Anything to help ease the processing of our grief would be lovingly and gratefully accepted. Currently Jax is taking exceptional care of my needs, and I want to make sure he is taken car of too. Dinners would be appreciated for as long as people are willing to send them. If cooking isn't your thing, maybe something for Parker to let him know he hasn't been forgotten. He has a more subtle way of processing his emotions and he will always make sure I am okay before he lets me know anything about himself. Books, Dave and Busters gift cards, a card with some encouragement. All are welcomed.

Special Notes: 

Dinner delivery/drop offs are welcome anytime during the day from 8 am - 4 pm. You can leave it with the leasing office if neither of us are at the apartment. After 4 pm, you can call Terri lynn (615-609-0203). We ask that visits be kept brief as there is a lot of tears being shed in these moments.