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About In memory of Tony, supporting Angie & Morgan

In loving memory of Tony Ogle, we support his wife, Angie and daughter, Morgan during this difficult time. We know that Tony is looking down on everyone and would find comfort that we’ve come together to take care of Princess (Angie) and Morgan in his absence. There isn’t much anyone can say to help The Ogle’s during this time, but what we CAN do is this for Tony. We will update this page as their needs change. Please see Special Notes for more information. Thank you so much for your support and please feel free to share this page with others!

Special Notes: 

Top things to consider when participating in the Meal Train for The Ogle’s: · 1. It is best to expect that The Ogle’s are not yet ready to entertain. Unless suggested by the them, plan to stay no more than 10-15 minutes when dropping off a meal. · 2. If there are open calendar days after your delivery, make enough for leftovers. Freezable meals are also nice. · 3. Don’t forget the extras like drinks, condiments, and salad dressing. · 4. If you are having something delivered (e.g. pizza), make sure to pay and tip in advance. · 5. Deliver your meal in a recyclable or reusable container knowing that you may not get it back. · 6. If possible, text the recipient that you are on your way. A little heads up can go a long way. · 7. Include clear preparation instructions, i.e. "Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees." · 8. As a nice added bonus, bring breakfast food for the following morning, such as muffins, bagels, and fruit salad. · 9. For those that are out of town or unable to drop off a meal to The Ogle’s; there are other ways of supporting them (meal service or gift cards). Send them a fully prepared meal straight to their door: Allow them to choose their own menu and date/time with a gift card: -Uber Eats -Grubhub -Any local restaurants (preferably ones that deliver) -If you want to donate money via cash, venmo or PayPal I will make a meal for them on your behalf. *Angie said there are no allergies or preferences on food.