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About Support for Appleton Fire Department Station by Project SIX

This page is for our Appleton Fire Department Station 1. They have lost a brother and are grieving immensely. We have put this together in order to get meals to them daily to take some of that burden off of them. They usually cook and prepare their meals on their own. They are now grieving a huge loss as well as still performing their everyday duties to our community. We want to make life a bit easier on them so they can take the time they need to grieve when they are not out on calls.

Special Notes: 

***USE AN EMAIL TO REGISTER RATHER THAN FACEBOOK. ****PREPARE ENOUGH FOR 15 PEOPLE AT THIS TIME*** any additional can and will be shared among other stations. If you are preparing more--we will share with other stations as well. At this time their are no allergy restriction or diet restrictions that have been mentioned. ****DELIVERY INFO**** We will set up meeting times to pick up meals or meals can be dropped off to Project SIX admins. We will reach out to you ahead of time and set that up. Please do not go to the fire stations. We are respecting their privacy at this time as best we can. APPEARS EMAILS ARE GOING TO SPAM--PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM 48 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED DATE**** The paypal is set up for us to have funds to purchase meals at various times that there is no sign up. We will work with local businesses to get donations made but still may incur costs. Any funds left after the 30 days of this meal train will be used for our Project SIX event in September to say thank you to all officers, firefighters, EMTs, corrections officers, veterans and active service members.