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About Love for Leighanne

Leighanne has poured out her love and support for so many over the years. Now it’s our time to support her as she faces another surgery to remove a mass in her trachea, which will involve having part of her trachea removed.  She will have more hospital stays as well as driving and working restrictions. She has a long road to recovery and needs support to make this road as smooth as possible. Let’s band together and show Leighanne some serious love and support!  In the calendar below you will find options to donate *gift cards!    1- Gift cards to either Target or Walmart.  Both of these are great options to help with grocery needs!  Leighanne can shop online and Lilly can pick up any orders. If you choose this option then after you "claim" it on the calendar, go to the wishlist on the right and click on the card to arrange to have it sent. 2-  Another great option is to donate a gas card for Lilly.   3-  Grub Hub is a FANTASTIC option. Leighanne can order food from 100's of local restaurants to be delivered.  If you choose this, after you "claim" it on the calendar,  please go to and select electronic delivery. 4- A final option, and maybe the most important, would be a donation toward having the house cleaned.  Her environment is of upmost importance in keeping her healthy on her road to recovery.  If you could please arrange for a cleaning through your own cleaners or partner up with other friends to hire a company, that would be much appreciated!   Please feel free to scroll through the calendar and find a gift that fits your desire to help.   *Target, Walmart and GrubHub will arrive to her via email:  All other gift cards will need to be personally delivered (either to her home or Kids’ Safari). 

Special Notes: 

email:  Any visitors, please be aware of any communicable diseases you may be showing symptoms of or have been exposed to. We want to keep Leighanne as healthy as possible. Gift card amounts are up to you, all levels of support are appreciated. 💗  Please message one of the organizers of this group with questions.  Thank you!