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About Mr. Klvana's Music Studio at Kildonan

As Kildonan parents, we know how integral the arts are to kids with dyslexia. Music helps train neural pathways to great benefit in neuropsychological terms. One of the many gems of Kildonan is Michael Klvana. Many parents have watched their kids embrace a new found confidence through music. A group of Kodiak parents would like to help give a facelift to Mr. Klvana's - already awesome - studio. Mr. Klvana is a gifted teacher for certain - but did you know he has also worked closely with legends like Billy Joel, The Rolling Stones, and many other icons? Consider joining us by clicking and sending an item directly.

Special Notes: 

1. Those who wish to donate money for Mr. Klvana to make discretionary instrument purchases, should contact Alto Music and ask to speak with Bobby Montemurro, mentioning that you would like to donate funds to Kildonan. His phone number is 845-692-6922. 2. If you would like to join some Kodiak parents for a studio work day, please email Tara Shafer at This would entail a new coat of paint, some elbow grease and a little Target gift card inspiration. 3. Please e-mail any digital gift cards to Brenda Lynch at