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About Caring for the Kellermans

So many want to help the Kellerman family during this time of the loss of their husband & daddy. Let's show Pat that we are all stepping up to the plate to make sure his ladies are well taken care of. We will update this page as their needs change over time. For now, there are just some meal delivery options but we will add to that as schedules allow & may eventually use this page for things like childcare, transportation, things that need to be done around the house & wish list items they may need.

Special Notes: 

Casey has a gluten intolerance, so please keep her in mind when preparing meals. Overall, they eat very healthy. Lots of protein & fresh veggies & fruits! The Kuglers live at 7405 Raymond (3 houses to the west) & will be accepting deliveries on their behalf. There is a park across the street so picnic style meals outside are also a good option! Kristle Kugler can be reached via text at (505) 573-7400. Meals may sometimes need to be delivered to the Clark home on the west side if they are staying with them. Their address is: 3604 Vista Del Sur St NW.