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About Giving Back To Our Own with CORE!

CORE is a national nonprofit organization that supports children of food and beverage service employees navigating life-altering circumstances. Since 2004, CORE has supported over 165 families across the industry and the country and raised over $2.1M. For food and beverage service employees, a life-altering circumstance like a medical diagnosis, a car accident, or a house fire can quickly become unmanageable financially and emotionally. Luckily, for those employees caring for children, CORE can help them stay on top of house payments, bills, and medical or equipment costs. CORE can also purchase clothing and toys, or send food and other necessities. When a parent or child passes away, CORE can pay for a funeral or memorial, or help plan a family retreat to recenter and grieve. CORE knows that the core of the food and beverage service industry is the food and beverage service employees and the families they work to support, and the core of the families is the children. By supporting CORE through Give InKind, you help us continue Giving Back to Our Own! By making a donation as small as $25, you can provide a CORE grant recipient with a CORE bear or Tiny Superheroes cape. Or, you can donate a gift card that can be used for food, gas, or clothing in a time of need. For more information on CORE, please visit or email Program Director Emily at!

Special Notes: 

100% of all Give InKind donations goes to our programs and services!