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About Tibbils-Riley Family Garden

You can offer your support to the Tibbils-Riley family by nurturing their garden! In addition to watering, you are invited to plant something new or cut back the weeds. This act of love will encourage the Tibbils-Riley’s as they take their next steps in growing their family. As their family grows, so will their garden!

Special Notes: 

Watering, weeding, and planting directions:   WATERING THE FRONT Box of tomatoes, purple flowers, blueberries, spearmint, etc. Box of strawberries lilac bush Bed in front of house with succulents, herbs, flowers, etc.  Herb planters Half moon bed in front of steps with vegetables, blueberries, flowers Tiered beds of peppermint, succulents, flowers, vegetables and strawberries        WATERING THE BACK  Bed of flowers and ferns by the house Bed of Peppermint below the apple tree Box of strawberries Box of kale, etc   Small blue/purple hydrangea  No need to water the lawn, thank you!     Optional... Weeding Ivy or other invasive vines  Blackberry bushes or other thorny sprouts   Optional... Planting: Plants that need shade or partial sun Plant in the backyard in the bed along the house