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About Meal Train for Breezy

Breezy’s Meal Train is an effort of love for Breezy and her beautiful family as they welcome their new baby in the next few weeks!  Please sign up to commit to bringing a nutritious meal (please no beans or gluten as it causes Breezy gastrointestinal distress) big enough to feed six people so that Breezy can focus on rest and recovery after her baby is born.  Everyone in the family is partial to fruit; apples, bananas and just about any berry. Peanut butter and milk (whole cow's milk or almond milk) One of the biggest helps would be breakfasts—(frozen waffles, smoothie ingredients, quiche, frozen anything ).  

Special Notes: 

Please, limit your visit to dropping off your meal(s) and doing a quick chore for Breezy if you are able— and make sure you’re not fighting a cold or other illness.  If in doubt, please call!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!