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About Supporting Rosalie

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on March 19; invasive lobular carcinoma. So many of you have asked how you can help. I really appreciate that and was encouraged to organize something, so I finally did.   I am about to start 24 weeks of chemo with 6 weeks of daily radiation. I’ve already survived a mastectomy, multiple scans and procedures and hospital stays with the support from my family, friends and coworkers. I realize this next step in my treatment may be difficult. My daughter and I appreciate everyone’s support!  I’m very lucky to have such an amazing community.❤️ 

Special Notes: 

We eat a mostly plant based diet, but have introduced chicken and fish into our diet again because of the need for extra protein. I would like to avoid fried foods and overly processed foods.  No pork, beef or processed soy please. We love Beyond Meat as a meat alternative! We do not drink animal’s milk, but do like cheese. We love almond, cashew or oat milk instead.    Allergies: raw eggs (cooked okay), hazelnuts, peaches (anything related to a peach), sunflower seeds