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About Tricia Pleasant’s Good Healing Vibes Community

Tricia’s Healing Team UNITE! This site is your go to for giving your support to our Beloved Mrs. Sassy Pants and her family. We all deeply love & want to help Tricia the best we can, whether it’s sending prayers, healing vibes, sharing a bad joke, making her meal(s), gifting $$$ in support,  giving her a call, or visiting with her.  With this said, it needs to be organized in a way that doesn’t overwhelm or distract her from the healing journey ahead.   And so it begins.... The last thing you want to think of during treatment is buying, making & preparing food! Here’s how you can help on a daily basis. TRICIA & RYAN MEALS: (SEE CALENDAR BELOW) PLEASE INCLUDE INGREDIENT LIST No gluten, no nuts, whole grain or seeds. (AKA....Butt binders) Gluten = wheat, barley, rye, malt, modified food starch (if source not specified) No nut butter or nut flour  No brown rice. White rice is ok. SEE SPECIAL NOTES IN BELOW SECTION FOR SUGGESTIONS/REQUESTS     VISITING TRICIA: (COMING SOON!)  Right now we are holding off on setting up visits for the next few weeks,  as we don’t know how she will be feeling. When she is ready, we will be using the calendar below (same as the food) for opening times and dates that will be updated weekly.   IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT JUST STOP BUY TO SEE HER!  Please know that Tricia loves and cares for you, and she needs time, rest, and space to heal. YOU ARE HELPING HER BY HONORING THIS!   That being said, when you drop food off for Tricia and Ryan, there will also be a sign on the door that will clearly let you know if she is up for a visit.    For now, when you visit please limit your time to about 20 - 30 minutes, and if she feels up to longer, she will let you know. (Please don’t make it awkward by asking her, lol!) Enjoy your time with her, keep it light & positive! DONATION GOAL $50,000 Cancer is expensive! We are throwing every healing modality at it, and insurance only covers a small percentage of it. We are donating dollars to help Tricia cover the cost of her co-pays, deductables, alternative healing therapies, and medications. Know that every dollar you gift counts! You can donate directly to Tricia through Venmo, where 100% of your donations go to her! The Venmo app is FREE to download! Her account info is “@Tricia-Pleasant”  You can also donate via PayPal at the button provided on this page. (Takes 2.9% + $.30 per transaction) Tricia’s Paypall account says “Beyond the Mat”. NOTE: Currently we do not have a “Go Fund Me” site, as they also take 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. We may consider in the future building one, but trying to keep this contained to one place, to make it easier.    OTHER GIFTS: We have set up a few “WISHLIST” items that can help Tricia & her team during treatments, such as Starbucks Cards, Gas Cards, etc.    TRICIA & RYAN APPRECIATE ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT! THEY NEED US! NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOW UP FOR THIS AMAZING, WONDERFUL, LOVING SOUL & HELP HER KICK CANCERS ASS! GIVE WHERE & WHEN YOU CAN!   THANK YOU! GO TEAM TRICIA!!  If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 425-765-0052 or  

Special Notes: 

FOOD SUGGESTIONS: NUT AND GLUTEN FREE As of now, she likes soft cooked veggies, cheese anything, Ellenos Greek Yogurt, gluten free pasta &/or soups are the best! Yum, yum, yum Soups/Chowder One Pot Meals Gluten free Mac-n-Cheese Tuna Casserole Chicken Dishes Salmon, Tuna or Halibutt (;-)) dishes Grapefruit, peaches, nectarines, honey crisp or Fuji apples Avocados Egg Dishes Grilled Cheese fixings Organic meats (NO PORK, EXCEPT FLETCHERS BACON) Containers: Please make sure your containers are eco friendly disposable, or if you would like them back, please write your name on them. We will have a box outside near food drop off for you to retrieve or exchange!   VISITATION RIGHTS (LOL): Upon arrival, please take your shoes off, and wash your hands immediately before touching Tricia. This is for her safety! Please make sure you are 100% healthy, and haven’t been exposed to any colds, flues, locusts, bed bugs etc, days before your arrival. Emotional well being during your visit is super important! Keep your visits short and sweet, and on the lighter side, just like Tricia! What can you offer her to help her feel good or to make her laugh? We all know that she is such an amazing caretaker and healer, and after all of her generous giving, NOW is the time for our girl to open up and receive all the LOVE, support and prayers coming her way!