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About Billy Dunne

As many know, Bill was in a motorcycle accident in May. He will fortunately make a full recovery but has a long road ahead of him. Many friends and family have reached out to find out what they can do to help. As of 6/25, Bill will be finishing up his recovery back at home. We thought if folks could help Bill, Niki and Brook out by bringing some meals by, that would be a huge help! Bill will also be home a lot during the day. You can bring lunch by and visit with him - always best to check in first to make sure there isn't PT during that time or a dr appointment that day.

Special Notes: 

Niki is allergic to nuts, so please nothing with nuts. Bill likes pretty much anything except "liver, sardines, etc" (his words!). * Please drop food off by 6pm on the day you are bringing a meal . If nobody answers, please leave the food in the cooler that will be by the front door. * When at all possible, please do not bring dishes that they have to get back to you. If this is not possible, please mark the dish with your name. * Not really a cook or in the area? Have some grub delivered! Some of their favorite local places include: