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About Sending Joy to Jazmin

As you all know Jazmin, in 3-D from St. Matthews, is fighting a long hard battle with Leukemia. Around May 2nd Jazmin will begin the most intense phase of her treatment. This phase will include numerous chemo treatments, Lumbar Punctures, lots of pills and visits to the hospital. We would like to help Jazmin's family by preparing meals for them on the days that she will be spending hours at the hospital. This will be a huge help to her family to not have to worry about making a home cooked meal after long days of chemo treatments. Please prayerfully consider helping out! Due to the extent of the recovery, we will leave a cooler on the front porch for you to drop off meals at your convenience. We will let you know when she is ready for visitors, thank you for understanding! If you would like to drop off your meal to me at carpool, I am happy to deliver it to Jazmin's family on my way home. If you would like to send a gift card for a meal delivery, that is very much appreciated as well! Jazmin told me, when I visited her today that she loves Lasagna, Subway and pizza. :) The family requested to have no spicy dishes please. Please keep Jazmin and her family in your prayers. If anyone has any question please contact me at 704-962-2532. God Bless, Kelly Payne 704-962-2532

Special Notes: 

Please no spicy dishes! Jazmin has four people in her family!


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MAY 2017