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About Support for the Canter family (Lela, John, Bobby & Sam)

Lela has been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. While treatable, she will be going through some aggressive chemo until November and a mastectomy once she finishes chemo. Let's show the Canter family love, and help in whatever way we can! If you don't have time to donate (babysitting, grocery shopping, etc) or can't cook, feel free to donate $ or gift cards( who can't use a Kroger or Walmart gift card). Any bit of encouragement and love will surely be appreciated while she BEATS this!

Special Notes: 

The Canter's live a healthy lifestyle, and while comfort foods are wonderful, let's keep their diets similar! They try to follow low carb food options (Zoodles anyone?!). If you have a favorite comfort food you would like to make, check online and see how you can tweak it to make it low carb! Healthy food will help keep her energy levels up.