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About Supporting the Anderson Family After A Catastrophic Car Accident

My son-in-law, Jeffery Anderson, was in a catastrophic car accident on July 2 and was left with two broken legs requiring major surgery. He will be in traction for three months with rehabilitation to follow. My daughter Isabella, Jef's wife, is overwhelmed by everything this means. She's not one to ask for help--EVER--and didn't post anything on her Facebook page about it. However, I saw that she mentioned her distress in a post made in a Facebook group--Leaf Rakers Society. She said: "Not coffee or fall related but this community is just so supportive and I’m just in need of a little light. My husband and 2 boys were in a car accident yesterday. The boys made it out with only belt burn and a great scare (thank God). But, my husband broke both his legs and is scheduled for surgery this morning. I work full time and he is a stay at home dad with our kids (one of whom has special needs). He won’t be able to care for himself for the foreseeable future, let alone the kids. I’m overwhelmed, terrified, and have no idea what to do, how to continue to work, how to be a full time care taker, mom, and employee. In need of coffee, fall, and a saving grace." Several caring people commented on the post offering prayers, free Starbucks coffee, and some really good advice. One woman suggested that she keep a list of things she needs help with, so when people offer, she can give them a definitive answer. That got me thinking. So, I created this page for Isabella and Jef. They need A LOT of help as they deal with loss of wages, medications, and purchase of home medical equipment on top of normal daily expenses. Thank you for reading their story and caring about them. I left details below in Special Notes. With deepest gratitude, Sherri Defesche

Special Notes: 

Jef is expected to be released from the hospital today (July 6), just three days after surgery. Because they don't have medical insurance, Jef is not eligible for rehabilitation care. So, Isabella will be providing all his home health care. She is looking for an ADA apartment and a car that will accommodate Jef's traction braces + two car sets, and will need to buy necessities for the home like a bath bench, toilet chair, hospital bed, and even basics like special pants for Jef to wear over his braces. However, they do not have the funds required for all the upfront costs. If you feel inclined to help in any way, Isabella and Jef will be eternally grateful. The give-in-kind tabs are on the right side of the page. Here is what they need most: Prayers Gift cards for gas, groceries, meals, car rental, housecleaning, laundry and childcare Monetary donations to help with rent, utilities, medical expenses and home health care equipment Transportation to Jef's medical appointments and Bud's autism therapy appointments Visits with Jef while Isabella attends autism therapy with Bud and runs household errands Advice on social services to help the family, such as home health care Information about charities that may be able to help Meals: For homemade dishes or grocery items: pasta dishes, fajitas, Kids Fresh items, cinnamon or chocolate chip waffles, butter snap pretzels, apple juice, and frozen pizzas (cheese and pepperoni). Take out: Chick fil a—typical order: chick fil a sandwich meal with fries and an unsweet tea; 8ct nugget meal with fries and a diet lemonade; chick fil a sandwich meal with fries and a water; 6 nugget count kids meal with fries and apple juice. Culver’s: spicy tenders meal with fries and an unsweet tea; regular tenders meal with fries and light lemonade; kids meal with tenders, fries, and apple juice; kids meal butter burger with cheese and ketchup only, fries, and apple juice. In and Out Burger: double meat with ketchup only (no cheese), fries and an unsweet tea; hamburger meal, protein style, no onions, with fries and a light lemonade; cheese burger meal with cheese and ketchup only, fries, and water; patty only, fries, and water. Chinese food (any place is fine): Kung pao chicken, no veggies; sesame tofu; orange chicken; and teriyaki chicken Pizza: favorites are pepperoni, cheese, and Hawaiian. If you would like to bring a meal, I can message the address to you. Contact me on Facebook @ Sherri Swanson Defesche. Your kindness and offers of love and prayers are valued more than you can possibly know. Thank you, thank you, thank you.