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About Tate Family Welcomes Twins

The Tate family is expecting the unexpected! Earlier this year Aviance and her husband Justin discovered that they would be welcoming identical twins into their home this August. Excited and ready to take on all the adventures coming their way, their family of four was still not quite prepared to grow to six. Aviance will also need recovery time from her planned C-Section for the safety of her and the twins. If you know them, you will know that they've had their share of challenges that they have accepted with grace and determination. This next journey is a joyful one and there is still plenty their community is eager to do to ensure they are not facing the journey alone. You're invited to help show your support through meals, gift cards and more!

Special Notes: 

If you are looking to support the Tate's through the first several weeks of their kiddos arrival and Aviance's recovery from surgery, here are some things to keep in mind: - The family of four has no allergies or dietary restrictions - They enjoy salads, pasta dishes (hot or cold), sandwiches, hotdogs, chicken, turkey, fish, bread, baked goods (sweets too!), cereal, eggs, toast, and light soda for drinks - Their grocery stores within a reasonable distance are Wal-Mart and Winco. If you prefer to gift them with household supplies, diapers, household essentials, etc. you can purchase a gift card for them to one of these locations - You can text when making a delivery to Aviance's cell at 253-298-8216 I know how grateful they are for this support. Please be respectful of communicating when you are dropping meals off and be prepared for a porch drop off unless otherwise communicated. They are going to have their hands full!