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About Help for the Heebs

Dennis suffers with Alzheimer's disease at 58 years old, and is completely dependent on his wife, Monique, for his care and comfort. With such a horrible disease, it takes it's toll physically, mentally, and emotionally on those who are afflicted, as well as their caregiver, so I am hoping to ease some of the daily stress and constant energy for daily activities, such as meals or personal care items (see Amazon wish list on right for PC items). We have an incredible supportive group of people in our lives, and we are so grateful for all of your continued love, support, and concern.

Special Notes: 

There are no food allergies or dietary restrictions, and both Dennis & Monique have little to no food aversions. The only dish that is not a favorite is Shepard's Pie, but otherwise, they are easy to please.