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About Supporting the Booths

Supporting the Booths is a page to make sure this sweet family is fed and taken care of. Most importantly we want them to know they are loved and being prayed for! Around Easter of this year, Wes was at work and had a seizure. This had never happened before, and after weeks of tests and scans they determined that he has a tumor in his brain. On July 26th, he will have surgery to have the tumor removed, then biopsied. Please be in prayer that morning, especially!

Special Notes: 

Wes will be in the hospital for 3-4 days following the surgery and Mandi will be staying there with him. Please call or text before visiting while they are there. But definitely offer to bring food/drinks/etc if you do visit. His doctor said that soft carbs will help his healing. His jaw will also be sore for a while afterward so keep that in mind when planning meals to provide. Gift cards to any food places in the yukon area are very welcome. Thank you for all of the prayers and support!