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About Lets help Elaina and her family as she recovers! #ElainaMcAlisterTough

As you know, Elaina is a true hero! She is recovering after being viciously attacked while doing her job caring for others as an EMT. She is an amazing, strong, big hearted friend and Mom, and I have no doubt she would drop everything to help me if I needed it.  Let’s show our love and support by helping her and her family as she recovers!  Let’s start with meals, but I’ll update asI know what else they need. ❤️   #ElainaMcAlisterTough  

Special Notes: 

For meals, Elaina tries to follow a gluten free diet. She also has an allergy to apples, and her son is allergic to cinnamon.  Please text Elaina at   (781) 983-5782  to set up meal delivery.  Thank you!