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About Welcoming Baby Meinershagen!

Hello dear friends! As we anxiously await the arrival of Baby Meinershagen (on or around June 29), now is the opportune time for us to sign up to help support Erin and Riley during their first weeks of parenthood. If you're visiting this page, you're certainly aware that Erin and Riley are two of the most loving, kind-hearted, and generous people you'll ever meet - I can't imagine a better time for their community to rally around them than with the arrival of their very own, destined-to-be-darling-and-infinitely-wonderful human! You may or may not be aware, however, that they have also been dealing with a sewer failure and have been temporarily displaced from their home, and Riley is scheduled for knee surgery just two weeks after Erin's due date - all the more reason for us to help out in any way that we may be able to.   Meals are at the top of the priority list for helping them out, and I've been assured that those bringing gifts of meals will be awarded with a visit not only with Erin and Riley but also with Baby M (a better perk than any Kickstarter campaign can provide you)!  All help, love, and support are welcome! With love, Ari P.S.  Site will be updated with days/times/needs as we get closer to Baby M's arrival!

Special Notes: 

No sick visitors, please - give a call if in doubt.  <3


Care Calendar

All times PST (WA)

JULY 2017