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About Love and Care for Ashlee and Alan

Hi everyone, I'm creating this page in support of Ashlee and Alan and the wild ride they are about to embark on as their babies arrive in the coming days. I'm hoping their village can come together to drop off meals, send take-out, or even sign up to help with chores. Those of you that aren't local to Portland, we have several online meal delivery services like Caviar, PrimeNow, and UberEats that should allow you to send meals from afar so that you too can help keep these guys well stocked with delicious food and love! Please contact me with any questions. My phone number is 360-531-0178 or you can email me at the provided email. Thank you, Whitney

Special Notes: 

Other helpful tasks Ashlee has requested is dog walking (maybe even dog-sitting for a night?) . They will have a very full house and it might be nice to have less hairy bodies for a day here and there, especially in the beginning. There will probably also be opportunities to help with household chores if you have extra time and would rather contribute in that way. All help is appreciated help!


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