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About Supporting the Petzold Family as they welcome Ruby & Arthur

Hi all! Thank you for stopping by to see how you can help Katharine and Brian (and Elena!) as they welcome Ruby and Arthur! Katharine and Brian have an AMAZING village. So many of you have asked how you can help! They are so happy and lucky to have your help, and so very grateful as well! If you have a moment, anything on this list would be a HUGE lifesaver for them! (just choose an in-home help slot- and lend a hand!) Take babies for a walk so that mom (and maybe dad) can take a nap Take care of one baby and Elena, so that Katharine can nurse one baby in peace. Help to feed one baby a bottle or amuse him/her while he/she waits her turn at the breast Help dress/bathe one infant NOTE: Signing up for in-home help or child care, does not have to be exactly at the time of day listed on this calendar (the website does not allow to offer various time slots for those services). When you sign up, please indicate at what time you can come to pitch in around the house or pick up Elena. For Sundays, they are looking for help at 4pm. Drop dinner on the doorstep and shoot a text to let them know it is there (bonus points: text before hand and see if there is anything else they need from the store on your way over!). Please remember, Katharine and Brian will have their hands full, and be TIRED. For an in-home shift, be prepared to wash dishes, fold laundry, burp/shoosh/rock babies, take out the trash, etc... We all know how hard it is to ask for help, and not host, when your friends arrive. So please touch base to see what help they need, but also, survey the scene and pitch in! Encourage them to sit for a moment, take a shower, take a nap, or anything from the list above! If you are picking Elena up for a play date, don't forget to check her diaper bag to make sure it's stocked! Elena loves to take walks and go to the park, so even if you have just a spare 45 minutes to give, I am sure she'd love the extra attention, and time outside! She generally naps 12-2, so if you are picking her up for a play date, please keep this in mind. ** For meal delivery, frozen meals are also much appreciated! (frozen is great anytime and then they can eat whenever!)

Special Notes: 

Katharine and Brian are so looking forward to tasting all your delicious homemade, and store bought, dishes! Please keep the meals high on the nutrition side, especially to help Katharine keep up with feeding those bebes ;)


Care Calendar

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APRIL 2018

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