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About Support for Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill School relies on the contributions of our community members and their friends and family to keep our school operating and accessible to all. Below are some maintenance tasks that have needed some attention for some time that we would like bring to your attention. Can you or someone you know pitch in on any of these? Donations to cover the cost of hiring someone to complete a task on the list are also deeply appreciated. Please see PayPal link on the right navigation bar. Completion of any of the tasks can be coordinated with Eiren and Danielle in the front office. 1) Fill in potholes in lot of building 28. 2) Install outdoor parking lot lights for building 28.COMPLETED! 3) Bus stop reconfiguration: The bus stop needs to be re-worked so that major safety issues are addressed and the crosswalk is used properly. 4) Gutters: Need to be cleaned and repaired on both buildings. They also need to be cleared of snow to prevent ice dams. Currently, four out of our five entrances have dripping gutters directly above the door, which then freezes and creates a pile of ice in front of the door. 5) HVAC repair, inspection, and filter change in building 28: The HVAC system has a malfunctioning unit that repeatedly kicks on and buzzes loudly. The filters on this system have not been changed. An inspection by a professional who knows this unit would be beneficial to the health and needs of our school. COMPLETED!!  6) Install water fountain with a filter in building 28 in order to comply with code. When children are in this building, they have limited access to drinking water. 7) Hooks and bench in building 28: The current situation requires all the1st-3rd graders to pile their coats and winter gear on the floor during classes and events in the building. COMPLETED! 8) Hooks for winter gear: More hooks are needed in both buildings. COMPLETED! 9) Desk building: Many of the children are in desperate need of proper desks. Cut wood needs to be ordered, assembled, sanded, and oiled. Or, organize and lead a work day with parents and get it all done a once. 10) Basement insulation: Both buildings have falling down insulation. 11) More door stops in both buildings. 12) Wash windows in both buildings. BLUE BUILDING COMPLETED! 13) Paint front doors in both buildings. 14) Install thermometers on outside of buildings. 15) Install shelves and/or cabinets in bathrooms. 16) Label with arrows and numbers under PHS sign bldgs. 23 and 28 for 911. 17) Change HVAC filters on regular basis. 18) Check with teachers for further classroom needs. 19) Install felt pads on bottom of desk legs and other furniture where needed. 20) Arrange and pay for septic company to pump out tanks. 21) Painting racks in red building. 22) Hooks in sink closet in red building.

Special Notes: 

Anyone wishing to contribute an electronic gift card should send it to Primrose Hill School - Thank you!