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About NyaNya, Nagymama, Marika, Maria Nemeth

Szia mindenki... Maria Marika Nemeth családja és barátai. A former coworker & friend started this wonderful website to make it easier to organize help for difficult situations like the one we are facing. Never wanted to have a reason to use it but here we are years later. Most of us already know the main things we need to do to help Marika (in-home hospice care, food, cleaning, visiting nurse, etc.) and everyone else (food, care support, time, etc.) get through this but if you want to do more, or can do more, or don't know where to start, this website is an easy way to get her exactly what she needs and what you want to give her. All of the information is already input for you to ensure everything will be shipped to her address, to her name: food, care, home cleaning, support, etc. Let's just make her comfortable.

Special Notes: 

Pre-paid Visa cards will be our method of financial contributions for now. Talk to me if you need her address or any information. Financial contributions set up through this site need to be set up through a PayPal email account. Does she have one? Beszéljen velem, ha családtagja vagy, aki segíteni akar nekem, hogy felállítson neki.


Care Calendar

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APRIL 2018