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About Karlyn's Kickin Cancer's A&$^ Meal Train

If you know the Linds, you know they are bad-a's who are strong, fearless, and always on the go. Well, Karlyn is going to be forced to take a break from all the going and she finally agreed to let me set up this meal train and wish list. We are doing it a little longer even though we don't expect (and they probably won't need) every day to be filled, but a pleasant surprise on a thursday night may be just what the doctor ordered until she's back to her old (and new and cancer-free!) self. I'm sure Tom and Theo will love having a little help too.The 'wish list' is small for now (see side panel, not 'useful items' at bottom of page), but may change as their needs do, so feel free to visit this page again. I know the Linds have a huge support system, and they are very grateful for that. Let's do this! Thank you ALL!

Special Notes: 

Dinner delivery can be 5ish-- between 4 and 6 is great. Lunch between 11:30 and 12:30. Per the patient... no mayo, mustard, olives, or pickles. Tom will eat anything and everything, and no allergies all around. She would love some healthy options since she won't be able to exercise through this, but she also loves pizza. So let's say we find a good balance. :) As they aren't sure exactly what they will want/need in terms of visitors, please just leave on front porch, and know they will appreciate it mightily. If you sign up for the first 2 weeks, maybe do a little more as her mom will be in town, otherwise, just 2 adults and 1 kiddo. ALSO, as i mentioned above, if you can't sign up right away, or want to wait a bit, feel free to check back post surgery as they aren't really sure what they'll need as of now. So we may add some childcare or pet care help, visitor info, wine preferences :) etc to wish list and page. She'll prob want some beauty sleep at first, but i'll be updating, so come back! Thanks again!!


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