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About Jeff and Melissa’s meal train

Jeff and Melissa are welcoming a beautiful new baby into their family! As exciting as this is, it is always nice to get a little love and support in this transition! Let’s help them get dinner on the table as they adjust to this amazing, beautiful change in their family! :) Jeff and Melissa may not be ready for visitors when you drop off food, so please be respectful if they need privacy as the adjust to being a family of three. 

Special Notes: 

Likes:  Pasta Casseroles Chicken  Potato soup and salad Burgers Chinese food   Pizza Simple dishes are best   Dislikes: Seafood/fish Mushrooms   If you are opting to send them a delivery meal or buy take out food, their favorites are: Chick fil a (chicken nuggets) Chipotle (chicken burrito- no beans, mild salsa)  meddys (chicken Schwarma)  Doc greens (buffalo chicken salad) Jason’s deli (club sandwich)    Please call Jeff or Melissa before dropping off food to make sure they are ready. Thank you so much for supporting their beautiful family!!!