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About Ferrell's Village

Ferrell has had quite a journey with her health. After spending nearly three weeks in the hospital, she is finally at home. However, her journey back to 100% health will be a bit of a challenge. Ferrell has a rare autoimmune disease (details to be updated after final diagnosis), and it will take a some time to get back on her feet. Enter, our village of support! This is in answer to the question, "How can I help?" which so many of you have generously asked. This site will give you some direction as to how you can help. This site provides ideas/options for in-person as well as for those who aren't nearby. Once you select something you'll receive an email with Ferrell’s address, etc. Her phone number is 818-601-0783 so you can text her to let her know. Where to start? A Care Calendar is below (best viewed on a laptop or tablet) where you can plug yourself in for meals - either bringing yourself or ordering for delivery- schedule a home visit, water her yard, or walk her precious dog, Lacey. And, you may specify your designated time via a drop-down menu on the date you select. Please text Ferrell if you've put yourself in the calendar: 818-601-0783. Recognizing that a trip to Pasadena doesn't work for many, the option to send a meal or gift card is on the calendar as well. Or, if you provide a service, like acupuncture (for Ferrell and Lacey!), Reiki, etc. you can add yourself to the calendar to donate your service, under Home Service. Plus, there gift cards and special deliveries - for groceries, restaurants, massages, etc. in the Wishlist. Click to the right on the Give links for easy access. Or you can peruse the site for other ideas. Amazon, Whole Foods, GrubHub, Instacart are a few suggestions. Ferrell's email address is as you'll need it when you order gift cards. ;) Or you can simply donate via Paypal and specify what you would like to provide. Some ideas: A Week of House Cleaning - $100 Dog walking Groceries Painting supplies - Ferrell plans to paint as she is recovering Self-care (acupuncture, reiki, private coaching) Lyft/Uber Or purchase a series of Water Aerobics classes to help strengthen Ferrell's muscles! Ferrell is so very grateful to you, her village of friends and loved ones. There are many gifts that are being revealed throughout this journey, and this community is a precious and invaluable one. Thank you!

Special Notes: 

Ferrell is a vegetarian. And, due to the autoimmune, she needs to eat and drink really clean: no sugar (this includes wine), no processed foods, no gluten, no dairy, no soy and organic where possible.


Care Calendar

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JULY 2018