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About Helping Mack and Yvonne and family

Special Notes: 

We are trying to limit phone calls about delivery times the Days.  The phone is ringing a lot and they need some quiet time.  If you have questions call me and I will do my best to answer your questions. Many wonderful casseroles have come in the past month and the freezers are full so they there is a need for fresh food such salads (no Mayo), very little starches, fresh veggies etc.  You get the idea of heathy diet.  Try to make just enough for the meal because lots of leftovers become a storage problem.  Try to bring food in desposable containers. If you are not a cook, RED RADISH  828-417-7200 on Sweenten Creek Road, you can call and give a gift card of any amount.  They will put the gift card with a personal message in a file and when the family wants to order sandwiches, salads  or entrees of their choice there is your gift.  It has been working out quite well. 


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