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About Help for the Dumonds

Help us provide meals and supplies for the Dumond family following the loss of John Dumond, Travis Dumond's father. The life celebration of John Dumond: Wednesday, September 19th at 11:00 am The celebration service will be held at the Assembly of God Church in Lyons, KS. Church address: Assembly of God 120 N State St Lyons, KS. 67554 Memorial Information Memorials have been set up for the Lyons Assembly of God Church and for the Gideon’s International. Memorials can be sent to the care of: Birzer Funeral Home 214 West Avenue North Lyons, KS. 67554

Special Notes: 

Perhaps you would like to contribute funds to provide simple groceries with the extra family in town. Give via paypal. Meals with vegetarian alternative or side options are appreciated but not critical.


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