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About Welcoming Baby Gisele!

Let us all celebrate with Genny & Sean as they welcome Baby Gisele into this world! This bundle of joy has already been the recipient of so much love from all the families and friends, and the Lee's are extremely grateful for that. Genny and Sean are graciously allowing visitors to come drop by and visit Baby G. This page facilitates that purpose by allowing individuals/families/friends to schedule in advance so that Genny and Sean can better plan their days. The Lees already have meals taken care of; however, if you would like to dote on Baby G more, feel free to bring her some diapers (cuz she will use them!) or a book (gotta start them young! Jk). If you have any questions, feel free to text Genny. Thank you for loving on the Lees during this new yet momentous chapter of their lives!

Special Notes: 

Even though the items below say “Home Care”, Genny and Sean do not need help at home. It is only a filler to schedule the dates of when you would like to visit their home. Also, the default time was set to 10am, but feel free to text Genny the day of it arrange specified time.  


Care Calendar

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