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About Kathy and Dave's Support Team

Thank you for visiting our page for Kathy and David Shaffer - as many of you know - Kathy underwent an emergency liver procedure in early December and has a long road to recovery since then. Dave has been by her side supporting her in her various medical treatments and helping her regain the strength to get her home. As she continues her recovery at home now, your support in helping them with daily tasks such as food shopping, running to the store, healthy meal preparation would be so helpful as its difficult for them to leave Kathy unattended. We appreciate all your support and love during this time!

Special Notes: 

Kathy is on a restricted diet - no red meats, lean protein and veggies and healthy complex carbs only. Dad is also focusing on keeping himself healthy too - so please no sweets to drop off - please keep it healthy so they can stay focused. They love the company of others - and companionship for Kathy while Dave can run out from time to time is super helpful!