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About A Page for A Family with a member Facing Surgery/Sample Page

This page is not intended for response. It is meant to show the sorts of things one could ask for using the site. With many thanks for your good impulses, do please do not respond to any of these requests. I have set this page up to show those who find themselves in need of care (either in the short or the long term) how to ask for or receive effective assistance. From near or far.

Special Notes: 

Here, I might list any special considerations for those wanting to send assistance. Families who are rallying around a member recovering in hospital, may not be home to receive a home cooked meal. Consider instead a gift card for delivery or take-out. Take a look, as well, at offerings concerning children. There are numerous considerations where effective offers of assistance for children can be offered. Depending on a situation, some family members may need help getting to the person who is ill. In such a case, plane tickets and hotel gifts cards can use especially useful.