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About Love and Support for the Sillatos

Byrd is having surgery his second craniotomy on Wednesday January 23rd. He will be in the hospital at last 7 days recovering and then solid rest at home for another week. We all want to do what we can to support and help the Sillatos. This website gives you the option to select a date from the Calendar list to bring good or donate gift cards. You can also purchase online through Amazon or other sites as well. Email address for Crystal is : The Sillatos will be doing lots of driving to and from hospital, work, school so any donations for visa/gas gift card s would be very useful. The hectic schedule makes food gift cards a very nice option as well. Panera, Subway, Pizza, etc. Thank you for your help supporting this awesome family!

Special Notes: 

No items containing BANANAS Please consider using serving dishes that don't need to be returned. Breakfast items are a nice addition too. Please remember when dropping off food that it isn't necessary to come in and visit as Bradley will be very tired and needs his rest and quiet.