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About My Fight Against Alienation - Adalyn Is My Child, Not Your Weapon

I will pay my blessings forward when I'm safe. $71.50/$950❤️(breakdown below) PayPal Facebook/Messenger Pay I also have cash app $babyada2014 or $amalonefund Any GC for Walmart for food and/or Goodwill for clothes and are beyond appreciated!❤️ *Top Priority* •$808 - 2 weeks rent and one time pet deposit❤️ *Mid Priority* •$22 - weekly passes/bus fare❤️ •$50 - groceries for myself❤️ *HAS BEEN FULFILLED* • ~COVERED~ $40 - Court appropriate clothes and shoes, I lost everything I own, clothes included❤️ • ~COVERED~ $15 - month's worth of dog food (she's a small pup)❤️ • ~COVERED~ $15 - cigarettes and Hulu subscription for relaxation ❤️ Here's What's Going On. Please Respect My Emotional Health By Keeping Hateful Thoughts To Yourself. I've Been Shamed And Threatened, Which Affected Me Heavily, And Delayed My Progress. I'm a chronically depressed and homeless single mom of a 4 year old girl, who was taken by my abusive father almost 2 years ago, and the courts have allowed it, even granting him temp custody. In September, I had a tablet stolen from me, which contained saved debit info. My card was charged $100, which set me $80 behind on weekly rent. So, I've been living in a tent for roughly 4 months, and aside from the cold nights and flooding I've experienced, I no longer feel safe. My tent was slashed into recently, and I don't know who by. A few days ago I witnessed from a distance three teen boys throwing rocks at my tent while I wasn't in it. I can't continue living this way. I've repeatedly been turned down for jobs, and I'm sure it's because I'm filthy and have no address. 😥 I am supposed to be going to Double Dave's this weekend for scheduling and to get new hire paperwork filled out!! 😱 Honestly I'm afraid to go back to work and fail, but I wasn't always this way. I always had a job, and never sweated interviews, but my depression from not seeing my daughter in a year has become debilitating. Within two weeks of having a place to shower and a bed to sleep in while working, I'm confident I can turn things around. My long lasting fight against parental alienation has been a difficult struggle. 😥 🙏 My case is highly unusual, especially that now he's involved two other children. He became intimate with his co-workers wife, and moved her and her two kids in with him and my daughter, meaning he now has 3 children not his that he's alienating from their other parent. The father of the other two children asked me to testify against my dad in court this past Monday to get his kids away from my dad and his lawyer has been helping me build a case report to send in to cps (even though cps has ignored my calls and cries for help since early 2018). I completed my testimony in shaking tears, and I'll keep fighting til I can smile. My dad is nauseatingly wealthy due to his dad passing and leaving a huge chunk to him. He's used that money to destroy my life further by stripping me of all my possessions, including my baby, and he's repeatedly sued me for custody and mocks me for fighting. He's paid off enough people to invent a strong case in his favor. The judge literally laughed in my face because I can't afford an attorney and my dad's outfit cost more than I make in a week. I've applied for legal aid, but have yet to receive any help... Sick thing is, he was nothing till his dad died. He slept day in day out while I busted my ass 8-10 hrs a day, 6 days a week to feed him, pay the bills, buy all prescription, and anything else asked... Now he says I'm an ungrateful bum that's never done anything and will never succeed in life, knowing damn well he put me in this situation. 😖 He made me think he was my all growing up. I idolized him, even after he molested me at 7, because he convinced me it never happened. My life was based on manipulation and dishonesty. He used me my whole life. I was just a tool in his addiction, his partner in crime to steal pain pills from friends' parents and go to hospitals with fake injuries to get prescriptions for him... I have only recently been able to see him for what he is, And I'm NOT going to let him ruin my sweet girl, like he did me I'm terrified to publicly ask for help, as the last time I did I received nothing but hate and threats, but I've found myself in a dark place as a result of a situation that happens too often. Once I get through this, and I WILL because giving up on my baby will NEVER be an option, I plan to continue fighting parental alienation/abduction and abandonment to help bring awareness of the issue to surface and not only help target parents protect their rights, but also to rescue the victim children subjected to this horrific emotional terrorism.

Special Notes: 

Double Dave's wants to hire me!❤️🙏 Any support is appreciated Gift cards for transportation or hotel would be amazing!!!