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About Meals for The Calevs

Lindsay and Zach are new parents!! They gave birth to their beautiful little girl, Lucca Amelia Calev, on January 8, 2019. If you’re anything like me (her sister, Lauren), you’re wishing you could do anything to help. Where they could use the most help is with meals. Lindsay is quite the cook and loves being in the kitchen, but for awhile I think it would be nice to give her a break! I’m sure Zach would appreciate the relief as well. The other challenge a lot of us face is the fact they don’t live close to any family, so taking them a meal isn’t going to happen for most of us. I’ve set up a wishlist on this page that has options to purchase gift cards to meal delivery services such as Postmates and UberEats as well as grocery stores so if we can’t bring them a meal they have the option to order delivery instead.  If you do live in the LA area please check the calendar and see if there’s a day you could bring them a meal! Thanks so much!! 

Special Notes: 

As of now there are no dietary restrictions other than no spicy foods. If you’re sick, please reschedule your visit. When in doubt, give them a call!