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About Community support for Anna Young and family.

I have created this page for those who are interested in donations for Anna Young. Thank you, Misty H. Shared from Julie.. I will respond more personally to everyone in the morning, we have had so much overwhelming love and support from the community that I know when I show her she will be so happy just to know that. If anyone who wanted to drop off flowers between now and when I leave for the hospital (or anytime tomorrow, I’m going to decorate her apartment with flowers and cards etc so when she gets home she can see that even though she lost so much, she has the entire communities love and support.) So for those who have messaged me and I haven’t responded and others interested in dropping off cards/flowers/ donations etc, my address is 201 west watersville road. It’s the mount airy apartments. Our building is the last building all the way back, and we set a box out as well as taped a large envelope to our door with a note on it. Our door is the middle door on the last building. The apt numbers are listed on the outside doors, our door is the middle door, last building, with the apt numbers 51-56 listed. You will see the box and large orange envelope on the door. You may also call me at 301-606-5835 and as long as I am home I will be able to come out and get things, but in case I’m not home or don’t answer, we have the box and envelope as back up. I will bring everything I can to the hospital for her, but I’m not sure what time we are going to the hospital in the morning quite yet, I will make a call to my mom who is there over night and try to coordinate what time I should head down. Anything that is left after I leave will also be decorated and left in her apartment for when she returns, so if you are unable to drop any flowers and cards off before I leave to go back to see her in the morning, you can still do so later tomorrow. She will be floored to see how much this community has come together for her. I am absolutely exhausted now, and am going to finally try and get some sleep. I will also post an update on the go fund me tomorrow. Thank you all so much again, my family is so touched by the kindness and compassion of each and every one of you. We love you all and this town! 💕 - Julia and family ❤️

Special Notes: 

If you need to meet up for a drop off please contact Misty, either through FB or Thank you all for your support.