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About Zelda's PICU Support

Zelda was born at 23+4 weeks and spend 164 days in the NICU. She fought and thrived. We brought her home on November 5th. On January 28th we checked Zelda into CHOA because she had a cold and we noticed she was having bad retractions. Zelda, despite our best effort, contracted RSV. She is now on ECMO and is fighting to stay with us. She is healing, but true to Zelda fashion, she is taking her time. We are finding ourselves having to balance work, hospital time, and home life once again, but with very limited leave and we have both used up our short term FMLA. We have had an outpouring of support and people wanting to help. We would appreciate meals, good thoughts, and visitors (as long as you are healthy).

Special Notes: 

Mom is a vegetarian, who eats eggs, cheese, milk, and honey. Dad eats pretty much everything. We like most types of food, but have a special fondness for Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, and Mexican cuisine. We try to eat on the healthier side. We have several local restaurants that we love and feel free to ask. If you'd like to visit, please text me and we can arrange a time. Please, healthy visitors only. Thank you all for the love and support! Katie, Stan, and Zelda Heaton