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About Love for Bethany Cernoch

Friends and Family of Bethany and Ryan,  As you have heard, Bethany and Ryan have entered a season of life where there is an opportunity for us to swarm in on them with support and love. They have identified the best way for us to help in a tangible way right now is to make sure they are well fed. We will update this page as their needs change. Bethany has stated that she has already felt very loved and supported and that it is now time to call upon all the offers for help. You are welcome to forward this link to whomever you know would like to help. THANK YOU to each of you for loving, supporting, and helping The Cernoch Family!  Please see "special notes" were details and special needs are listed. There is also a meal calendar below.   Below is a note from Bethany with details about how they arrived at this point in their journey:    Dear All,    The week of Christmas, I had an emergency surgery that led to a hysterectomy, partial oophorectomy, and the discovery of a granulosa cell tumor on my ovary. Three weeks after that, I had a second surgery in which my remaining ovary was removed and several biopsies were taken to determine the extent of the cancer and assess the stage. Friday, the final determination of Stage 3A granulosa cell ovarian cancer was made and a chemotherapy regimen was finalized. I will begin treatment next Monday, February 18th which will be delivered in four, 21 day, cycles over the next several months. It’s an aggressive chemotherapy and I have yet to know how possible or impossible it may be to participate in every day activities. I am learning more than I would have chosen to learn about acceptance, powerlessness, and how very much my family and I are loved by you. I am learning to accept help- which brings me to the place where I have included your name on this list. Many of you have already sent flowers, texts, cards, videos, and have made countless offers to help during this time. I can’t even explain how cradled and rocked I’ve felt in your prayers and thoughts. Thank you for both what you have already done and will decide to do over the coming months to hold, support, and carry us through this. Ryan and I are endlessly grateful for the love you are giving to us and our kids. Those of you who are the light and a rock to our kids- we have no words for how reliant we have been on you to help them be calm, happy, and filled with peace and bravery as they try to live normally during such an abnormal time.  Love and gratitude like you wouldn’t believe to each of you.   - Bethany  

Special Notes: 

DETAILS: The Cernoch's will leave a cooler on the front porch to accept food deliveries. Anyone dropping off is welcome to knock on the door when leaving food. However, if no one is home or it is not a good time for visitors there will be no answer. Bethany is sensitive to the fact that traffic can be challenging getting around town at certain times of the day. So, please use your judgement on when and what type of food you leave in the cooler depending on what time of day you are able to stop by. Although casseroles are welcomed and appreciate, know that a bag of groceries is also a huge help (see suggestions below).  Breakfast: donughts, blueberry and chocolotte chip muffins, quiche, bannans, strawberries, mini cinnamon rolls, blueberries  Lunch: lunchables, crustables, ham rolls, sausageballs, chicken nuggets, apples, pigs n a blanket, veggie trays, meat and cheese trays, danimals, go-gurts, chips (regular lays, pringles), school snacks, raw red/yellow bell peppers, tomatoes Dinner: casseroles (of course!), bags of salad, rolls. The kids do not eat anything with uncooked onions, mushrooms, cooked peppers, or jalapenos  Favorite Drive Through Foods: chick-fil-a nuggets and sandwiches, Martins BBQ, Tacos (beef and chicken), subs (turkey and cheese), Olive Garden (pasta and chicken parm) Favorite Restaurants (gift cards): Red Robin, Chedders, Panera, Logans, Jersey Mike’s, Red Lobster Other Gift Card Options: Target, Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, Itunes (audiobooks and music) Extra: Turban Plus Headscarves(or any brand for that matter), Chemo Care Packages, Emu Joy Cancer Care Pack, Unicorn Station Bamboo Washcloths, Fishbellies Cold Therapy Pack, Survivor Eyes, Violets are Blue Skincare Products, Adult Coloring Books, anything soft, fuzzy, and warm for the hours of chemo