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About Ken & Shirley Meal Train

Hi Family and Friends! Most of you know that Grandpa (Ken) had a little fall about a month ago, which resulted in a surgery for his shattered femur. He has since been in rehab the last several weeks and doing quite well in his recovery. While he's very excited to be out of the rehab center, it's been a huge help to Grandma (Shirley) while there that they have all their meals taken care of. Ken is set to come home this Saturday (March 2nd) and we wanted to take off some of the stress during the transition and bless them both with meals for the first several weeks home. The calendar shows which dates are available - you can also see who is bringing what on the day they have signed up! If you have any questions please ask on the facebook group or you can reach out to Julie or Kim. If you want to call/text Grandma/Shirley when you are on your way over to drop off - the house number is 419-352-0085 and cell is 419-266-0866.

Special Notes: 

Preferred delivery time You can drop off anytime in the later afternoon to early evening, they typically eat between 5pm-6pm. If you are making a casserole or something that would need put in the oven feel free to drop off a day or so ahead of time. Special Instructions / Serving Sizes: They will eat leftovers for lunches the following day, but in general keep portions smaller (4 moderate/small portions tops) as they don't eat a lot and we don't want to overwhelm them with too many leftovers! Favorite meals - Ribs - Pot Roast - Meatloaf - Bean Soup - Chili (not too spicy) + Cornbread - Chicken Pot Pie - Any type of casseroles or meals that can be stuck in the oven Carry-Out: - KFC / Fried Chicken *Ken likes extra crispy, Shirley like the wings - Magic Wok - Orange Chicken and Fried Rice - Fricker's Wings Breaded (Shirley likes plain - no sauce, Ken likes Sweet Chili) - Chicken Fingers and French Fries from just about anywhere :) Least Favorite meals Pizza (Grandma says that Grandpa is "un-american" lol!) and neither of them prefer Mexican food/tacos.