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About Team Donna

Welcome to Team Donna, It takes a village and we are the village that will carry Donna through her journey. Donna is tough as nails, and is working through some pretty exciting challenges. Her breast cancer has reared its ugly head, and it is uglier than anticipated. She now needs to do chemo and radiation, and more importantly, needs to recover some of the 30 pounds that she’s lost and retain her active lifestyle. She needs chefs to deliver food she will eat, preferably phytochemicals and anti-oxidants through leafy greens, veggies, fruits, nuts, etc.. Chemo is every three weeks for 7-8 Sessions, then radiation following. It is supposed to be chemo-light, but this remains to be seen. She will stay with Kyle for the first week of each session, and throughout will need people to dine and move with her. To give her some room to heal, Bud has decamped to the Club Med of memory care, Silverado Belmont, giving mom some quiet time and focus. He is having an extraordinary time and is the toast of the community; singing to the group, dancing with the ladies and watching sports with the men. He also gardens and takes care of their many pets. He does miss his freedom to make trips to the store, but as driving is no longer an option, this is a fantastic diversion. Meanwhile, we all want to rally to give Donna support to build her resilience as she starts chemo this Thursday, March 7th. To capture the support and proximity that she needs without overwhelming her, we are setting up times to join her for breaking bread and building her strength. Please help her by signing up here and using this as a focal point for your support. Please also refer here for news of her medical journey so that our communication with her is less repetitive on her side. We look forward to working together and taking this opportunity to enjoy Donna’s company as she keeps herself healthy.

Special Notes: 

Please no spicy foods. Donna only needs small portions as she is only feeding herself. Please put meals in disposable containers so she does not feel obligated to get them back to you clean.