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About Helping feed the Joy family

As you know we are expecting baby #2 in October. We recently found out that Jennifer has a subchorionic hemorrhage. Complications have worsened,  baby is doing great, but Jennifer has been placed on strict bed rest with no activity. No cleaning, laundry, cooking, dishes, etc.  We’ve had numerous people ask how they can help. THANK YOU! At this point our biggest challenge is making sure the family is fed. If you are wanting to help, we’ve created this meal train sign up.  Not so great at asking for help but if there is a time we needed it, it’s now. We appreciate everyone’s prayers, thoughts, and offers to help. Thank you from our family to yours! 

Special Notes: 

No peanuts or nuts of any kind. Please no sick visitors and if you have any questions call Chris 813-390-1794 or text Jennifer 813-695-9582