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About Postpartum Community Care for Christine Laplante & Family

Postpartum Community Care for Christine Laplante & Family is a way to support them as they celebrate the birth of their beautiful daughter, Artemis.  Let's rally around them and show them how loved they are!  Right now, we want to make sure they are well fed, and we will update this page as their needs change!  Thank you for your support!!

Special Notes: 

We appreciate your support!   While there are no food restrictions, high PROTEIN dishes and snacks are incredibly welcome (as is good chocolate! Just saying!)   ~We adore visitors, and we ask that if you have not confirmed our availability to come visit, please check first. ~If you are sick, we ask that you wait to see the baby.   If you are questioning wether or not you are sick, please take caution and wait.   ~If you are a smoker, we ask that you do not smoke before coming to see the baby and please make sure there is no nicotine/smoke on your clothes.