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About Love Sean. Fuck Cancer.

I am Sean Barger’s friend, and if you’re reading this, I suppose you are, too. I just found Give in Kind today, so please bear with me as I figure the site out! Anyhoo, I wanted to organize a way for Sean’s multitude of friends to coordinate care for him outside of FB. If it doesn’t work? Well, just one of many failed experiments... For once I’m going to ignore my pessimistic inclinations, listen to my better angels and try to do some damn good. My idea? Mail Sean some stuff (because it is fun to get crap in the mail!) and tell other friends to do the same thing so he is bombarded with silly, surreal surprises on a daily basis. The idea isn’t so much about expense, but OVERKILL: Since hundreds of people responded to Sean’s most recent FB post, my thought was that if, say, 10% responded to my mailbomb idea he’d be getting presents every day for three months.  Wanna play along? I’m thinking we could mail stuff like personal notes & art, fun vintage trinkets, yum yums & goodies, mixed tapes, paperbacks, gift cards, 45s, sea monkeys, comic books, chick tracts, massage coupons, hot rod stickers, magic CBD potions, etc. Things that would make Sean laugh (general crap he enjoys) or stuff that would makes life easier (anything from pain relief to food to rides) when he needs to take it easy or go to the Cedar Sinai Inn. Let’s spoil this boy! For those of us who are not in Silver Lake, it is a way to let Sean know we are always thinking of him. Even sending a postcard works... OK, let’s get down to business: From what I can tell, this site will let us have a Calendar and a wish list for starters. Assuming anyone can add entries, I’d love it if you could pick a date (or a couple of dates if you are feeling festive), write your initials in and then follow through by mailing Sean a package on that day (see address below). Be sure to add the date to your personal iCal. The goal is to have initials written in as many of those days as possible so Sean’s mailperson to as fit as a fiddle three months from now from hauling packages daily. And please, please encourage others to play along! I will ask Sean to fill out the wishlist here for anything specific he may need so everyone doesn’t mail him a toaster. Also, I noticed that this site ”recommends” gifts based on occasions or adwords or whatever, so please use those reccos at your discretion. This goes without saying, but Sean needs his friends more than ever right now and craves human contact. If this page is a decent resource for scheduling visits, meals or any other things for Sean, by all means feel free to hijack it for those purposes! PS: We can also migrate somewhere else if this site turns out to be a bust. Thanks for reading,  Becky Sean’s info: Sean Barger   712 Micheltorena St. Los Angeles, CA 90026 

Special Notes: 

This page was designed to organize the Sean Barger “Fuck Cancer” Mail Bomb Project. To support Sean, please put your initials on a date (or dates) on the calendar and simply send Sean your cancer-fucking care package when the day arrives. You can also call, text and visit Sean (duh!) Sean Barger   712 Micheltorena St. Los Angeles, CA 90026