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About Welcoming baby Dillon and supporting Marie & Jose!

Hello and thanks for stopping by this page to support our good friends Marie and Jose. They welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Dillon, on March 6, 2019! As new parents, they will have their hands full as they get used to this big change. People have been asking about how they can help and the best way to show your support is to provide some delicious meals for the new family through this Meal Train! Thanks for reading and supporting this amazing new family!

Special Notes: 

- Marie and Jose have no dietary restrictions or specific food preferences, but could be described as foodies who love lots of flavor! Home-cooked, meal delivery, and gift cards are all welcomed options! * Please note, Marie's sister will be visiting from 3/14-3/20, please provide enough food for 3 adults during this time. - For those of us who work at the U, Liz Cadwell has graciously offered to transport meals from campus to the apartment complex that she lives in - which happens to be the same place Marie and Jose live! If you want to take her up on this, email her at to let her know (you can even store your meal in a fridge near her office in Appleby 109) - When "Claiming" a meal, please provide a brief description of what you're planning to provide so we can avoid sending the same meals over multiple days in a row. Thanks so much!