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About Support for Amy Martin and Scooter Smith

On April 12 Sat, Amy was in a bad highway rainy wreck. She shattered her C2 vertebra, nicking a neck artery in the process. Thanks to the Big Baylor trauma ward, C2 is now put together and sealed with a bone graft; titanium rods connect C 1 to 3. While investigating the nicked artery, the vascular doc found a cerebral aneurysm on the carotenoid artery, fully ballooned and ready to pop, yet did not do so in the wreck. In July, surgery for that, too, followed by another healing period. In the meanwhile, Amy is in a rigid neck brace 24/7. She cannot lift heavy objects, bend over, raise arms over her shoulders, or turn her head. She must use a walker to move. She can not be jostled or fall. All this is important or the bone graft won't heal. Scooter: 214-797-2475 Amy: 214-797-2457 980 S Rustic Cir, Dallas, TX 75218-2939 (I love cards and flowers!)

Special Notes: 

Hello, Amy here! Because of the limitations above, Scooter must do all the household tasks we used to equally share — on top of being my 24/7 trauma ward nurse. The paperwork load from health and car insurance is staggering and he must do most of that, too, because of my opiated brain. Plus he shares caretaking duties of his 94-year-old mother, and his co-caretaker will be gone for 3 weeks of this period. So we need help with household tasks, especially ones that are strenuous since Scooter has an injured knee. I had a thousand home and garden tasks in process — seriously, they are scattered everywhere — so I could use assistance wrapping them up.