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About Love & Support for Jenny Baltazar and Family

As many of us know, our dear friend Jenny Baltazar lost her loving husband and the girls their amazing father this week. Jon was a loving, kind man and a beautiful soul and will be missed deeply. This page has been formed to create a space for friends, family and community members to unite in support of our dear friend Jenny Baltazar, her amazing girls, and their family.

Special Notes: 

   At this time, there are no special food requests except Jon did make traditional Filipino food for his family. If there are any persons in the community that may be able to offer this from time to time, what a special treat for the family.                Jenny has an account at New Paltz Express Laundry, 138 Main Street, 845-513-3434. If you'd like to add money to her account, it could be so supportive.     The Bakery is set up for Jenny to have an account there. Here’s how it will work. The easiest way to purchase an e-gift card is through the website, Once on the site they can click “e-giftcard” from the menu bar. Or the direct link is: . The only info that you need is Jenny’s email address and their own credit card info. [email protected] Alternatively someone go into The Bakery and tell them that they want to purchase an e-gift card. We would take the same information and charge their credit card at the register. If someone does not have access to the internet and is not able to come in person they can call by phone. 8452558840     Jenny also has an account at Health And Nutrition, now :D So at any time you can go into Health & Nutrition and add a donation to her gift card on file. This is one of Jenny’s favorite places to shop healthy for her kiddos, and herself! Ask for assistance at the managers station in the vitamin aisle.             Any and all help is so greatly appreciated by Jenny. And sometimes the greatest help is the help received when the immediacy of this moment subsides, and every day life returns. Sometimes it is in that moment that the arrival of help is so, so comforting.